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Arrowhead is a small craft operation in Raleigh, North Carolina. Utilizing various media - metal, wood, leather - we design and construct industrial, modern furniture, art, and structures. All designs are developed and fabricated in-house, in consultation with commissioners, and with a dedication to a level of craftsmanship that's hard to find these days.

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Justin Johnson


Justin is a founding member of Arrowhead and the head of Arrowhead Studios. Justin's acquaintance with fabrication and design began quite early. In Greensboro, NC, Justin's parents own a business designing and fabricating components and equipment for the energy industry. While his technical training began at a young age, it was much later that the infusion of furniture and architectural design ignited in him what had been a back burner skill set. Justin works closely with residential and business clients, as well as with designers across the US on furniture, fabrication, and design.

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Nolan Harding


Nolan joined Arrowhead in 2015 with an eagerness to work with his hands. Nolan quickly proved himself willing and able to hit the ground running in the wood shop. Nolan is now a crucial presence on Arrowhead's shop floor, managing the construction of many of our furniture pieces.


Kyle Jones


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